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Fixed RFID Reader

Automated UHF RFID performance with multiple connectivity options. This fixed area reader contains a sophisticated antenna solution that cover up to 120 m² of floor space at a reading speed of up to 1000 tags/s. Now even hard-to-read tags will be easier to detect

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Portable RFID Reader

Portable reader is designed for quick, accurate and reliable data collection whether it is short or long range UHF RFID reading or heavy-duty UHF RFID inventory

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RFID Card, Tag & inlay

Advanced-design cards operating at low, high and ultra-high frequency. ISO Card or thin inlays laminated PVC, PETG, PC sheet containing SES module & antenna.

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RFID Solution

RFID solutions for RFID Inventory Management System, RFID Asset Management System and RFID Real-Time Location Tracking System

About Us

We bring you closer to automation
"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." - Collin Powell

PT. Tekno Logika Indonesia provides intelligent tracking solutions to help organisations automate and optimise tasks and services.

Using sensor based technologies and digital connectivity we improve workflow, seamlessly, enabling the tracking of hundreds and thousands of assets in real-time and removing reliance on manual processes.

Tracking equipment, people, fleet or inventory, reduces the time to complete tasks to seconds. In addition, simultaneously capturing and validating safety and compliance data and delivering timely alerts help drive organisational productivity.

In the midst of a world spurred by the fast-paced technological advancement, demand for automation to optimise tasks and services are important for companies to improve their efficiency.

Our company works in both public sector and commercial organisations involving tracking equipment, people, inventory, and fleet. We automate and optimise paper-based and manual tasks using sensors to capture data, reducing the time to complete daily tasks to seconds, and enabling you to reclaim valuable time.

  • We are honest and truthful in our dealings and we do not mislead or deceive others by any means

  • We aim to improve and learn from our mistakes rather than pushing responsibilities to others

  • We aim to treat all people with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex, race or national origin

  • We are worthy of trust. We demonstrate fidelity and loyalty to our partners and clients by friendship in adversity, support, and devotion to duty

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